Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Okay only a month and half to go and our little baby will be three. Yes three! Where does the time go? If you have any idea please let me know. Well, the planning has begun for the big day. It will be a Fairy party with Pirate accents. Yes I said Pirate and accents in the same sentence. Crazy I know, but what would the boys do at a fairy party? We are deffinately BOY heavy on the invitation front. Here is a t-shirt I've been working on. Just a little polka dot ribbon, a plain white tank and some elbow greese (aka: needle and thread). Still need a little work, this may be one of two. Also made the tutu to match. Two shades of pink tulle, cut then looped around an elastic band the size of her waist. Easy peasy!

More on that Fairy Princess and Pirate party coming soon.
P.S. Working on a Carnival party too! This ones gonna been fun!

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Heather Perkins said...

You are SOOOO amazing!!! I love to check out your crafts! I am still in awe of how you do so much!!!