Thursday, April 23, 2009


Since I've been talking so much about my love of planning the perfect party and how pleased I am with the end result I'm flashing back to almost 4 years ago. My wedding, my perfect day. I added so many little details, I stressed and worried and had everything planned to the half hour. Remarkably everything was perfect....except for the RED Roses in the 'salon' . Did I mention everything was to be WHITE.

I hand painted champagne glasses for the favors and used them as name place settings (about 200). Yes I am crazy!

By bouquet was about 500 little stephanotis flowers and each of them had a little pearl or rhinestone in the center. Crazy difficult for the florist but this is one of my all time favorites.

I had the isle lined with white and cream rose petals and each chair was adorned with a cream satin bow and white hydrangea flower bouquet. notice the chivari chairs.

I was worried there wouldn't be enough flowers so I went to the flower district and bought more white roses the day before the wedding. Again; crazy, I know. I also did the candles...they are sitting on little clear crystals in the cylinders and more cream satin bows.


More to come.

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