Friday, August 7, 2009


Life since May has been hectic to say the least. We are expecting a number of changes and I am beginning to think we are just plain crazy.

After a very looong search for the perfect house we have given up hope and decided to create our dream house right where we sit. Meaning we are adding on. Well, that seems like an understatement when we will be adding a 400 sq. ft. den downstairs, and for the new 'upstairs' there will be three bedrooms and two bathrooms. We are essentially doubling our square footage and hopefully gaining lots of sanity. We'll see.

Along with a remodel we have lost both of our avocado trees and stand to loose half of our backyard. To me this is heartbreaking because the trees were over 100 years old and I have played in this yard for going on 30 years now. I am coming to realize that change is good but also change is hard. I do have to add that we will be replacing our old trees with new ones. ( Tree huggers please no comments)

Finally we are expecting a wonderful new addition to our family. Yep you guessed it I am pregnant yet again. At 20 weeks now I am feeling a little more alive and trying to get back in the swing of things. I am just hoping that the next 15 to 20 weeks go smoothly.

It may have seemed that I had completely fell out of blog land and in someways I did. I was out of touch for so long. Just remember, it's summer too. Here are a few cute reads if you are getting board:

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sasha said...

You're back!

Glad to see you're up and at 'em again...mmmmuah!