Friday, September 18, 2009

60 Year Celebration

Sixty years ago last March marked the anniversary of my grandparents wedding. As I organized their little celebration I couldn't help but recognize what great role-models they have been for a happy marriage. Yes they bicker and argue, mainly because of taunts from my feisty German grandmother, however she will be the first one to shed light on their undying love for one another. As a newlywed myself she explained to me that this partnership will be work, it will take compromise and sacrifice to withstand the test of time. She shares stories of their very quick courtship, enduring though the war, understanding the male ego and then protecting his ego, the butterflies one feels and bells you hear when being swept off your feet and Christmas stories from long ago. The financial struggles and decisions made together; like a husband who takes a second job to pay for a new toaster or make it possible to be a stay at home mom in any economy. I realize now that this marriage has created a great foundation to the person and wife I have become. I watch now, only six months after their celebration, as my grandmother has taken on the responsibility to be my grandfathers support system as he slowly fades away. It brings tears to my eyes as I watch her feed him, help him in and out of a wheelchair, and administer medications. With sixty years of marriage also comes respect. I see that she wants to maintain HIS dignity. I know it's hard to watch your soul mate, your one true love slip away; but it is another thing to give them everything thing you have to maintain their dignity and pride. I realize now! How could you NOT? This is the one person who would move heaven and earth for you, the person who worked a fought so you didn't have to and the person who made you a wife and mother. What greater blessing then marriage? Celebrate!

Next Project: My mom turns 60 in December ;). About 40 weeks after this kiss...I love it!!!

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