Saturday, September 19, 2009

We've got spirit yes we do!!!!

It's been a very spirited weekend around our house with a Friday night football game and a Saturday morning Cheer clinic. We were so excited to have C participate in the cheer clinic seeing as it was for kids 5 and up. And well if you didn't know, she is 3! We never had any doubts that she could do it. After all, she has been taking dance and there is interest in her joining the performance group. We figured this would just be a fun weeked activity. All of the Varsity Cheerleaders were smitten and C was just as thrilled. When they were wrapping up the day and announcing the spirit stick winners, Scott and I just scoffed until they called Cam's name as winner of the Spirit Stick for the dance. How appropriate we thought because earlier this morning she was NOT into cheering and exclaimed " I only want to do the dance moves that we practice at dance".

With a little bribing on my part (It went something like this: "If you don't go out there and try, you will not be doing performance group at your dance studio.") She looked teriffied and had an AMAZING time the rest of the day.

Now if I could only get Hannah Montana "Ice Cream Freeze" out of my mind.
"Shake it down low"

My Friday Night Lights...

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