Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jellybeans and Tutus

With baby three fast approaching arrival things have been a little hectic. Camryn is loving her dance class and her teacher has recommended she move to a group with older girls. We were told that she is so focused for being so 'little'. Preschool is in full swing with picture day and fundraisers right around the corner. Brady cries daily as we drop off 'sissy', he so badly wants to be a BIG boy. In April he will start at the same school. I can't believe how fast they grow. My little guy is talking like crazy and I rarely have to wonder if he comes by it naturally. Camryn's teacher was commenting on how Brady says "Yes" rather that "ya" like so many kids. What a compliment!

So you may have wonder where the Jellybeans and Tutus came from. Well, my Lovin' Life blog fell out of blogland and I neglected to back it up so everything was lost. I needed to create a new blog with a new name. My kids are my inspiration for just about everything I do so: Jellybeans, well Brady is a huge fan. A fan of parties (where Jellybeans are great favors and treats) and a huge fan of Jellybeans in general (Jelly bellies actually). Then Tutus: Camryn is, needless to say, a big fan of everything girly. Bows, princess, dress up and YES Tutus. So there you have it that is how Jellybeans and Tutus was born.
Brady's on a playdate while Cam is at school.

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