Friday, November 6, 2009

Monster Mash

For our family Halloween has become a very fun and exciting tradition. We host a party, eat M&M pancakes in the morning, pick out pumpkins at a 'real' pumpkin patch and we are known to have multiple costumes. :) Thankfully this year was no exception. Our Halloween party had a theme this year and it was Monster Mash. It was monster filled fun with a jumpy, Monsters Inc the movie, monster beach balls in the in and around the house and yard and in the jumpy, monster goody bags, and cupcakes too.

My little monsters.

Our little goody bags came from OTC as a craft kit and I assembled them and tucked loads of monster goodies inside.

Monster eggs filled with candy...

Monster mix. My recipe:
Yogurt covered raisins
Carmel corn
Chocolate teddy grahams
Candy corn
M & M's

Monster cupcakes

And finally
Treat bags for school and dance class, just fill with candies and go. Supper easy for the mom supposed to be on bed rest. :)

Halloween was a good one this year hope you had a great one.

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