Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best of 2009

These are a few of the best photos of '09. Kind of like winning a Dundie, not worth much more to others but priceless to us. :)

Just plain ol' playground fun...
The best preggo photo and the only of it's kind...taken the day before Papa 'went home' to be with our Heavenly Father...

Loosing this man makes this photo priceless. I miss him more everyday.

Fist day of school fun!

It's great to have a big sister who loves you...sometimes:)

My sexy man on throwback night. I am so lucky I was able to witness this in person.

Best matching outfit. Easter, Love it.

Most peaceful moment...without kids:

Most romantic moment, even with 8 other people.

Most peacefull moment... with kids:

Most memorable moment. 60 years of unconditional love.

Best meltdown during a school performance.

So there it is the best no matter how you slice it I just love our life and the fact we can document it like crazy. Heres to 2010. Hopefully with more scrapbooking all of these memories.

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