Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to ALL...

We are realizing more year after year that Christmas is all about the kids. They help you to better understand the meaning of 'The magic of Christmas'. It's amazing the sparkle in their smile and the twinkle they get in their eye when describing Christmas. Camryn gave me the biggest hug (the kind that melts your heart) and exclaimed, " this is the BEST Christmas ever mom, I love you. " Again I am reminded that she is wise beyond her years and she has the sweetest heart for a three year old, I am blessed to call her mine. Brady and Camryn are all snug in their bed...well our bed. Just waiting for Santa to fill our stockings. Hope that your Christmas is merry. Here are a few picks:

Kids playing with the new princess castle...thanks Aunt Sarah and Uncle Matt.

My love
Grammy and Grandpa with all of the babies... too cute.

Cousins: I can't help but wish for this couch to be full of little ones soon. More babies people!

The best Christmas gift: Avery Noelle.

Love to all.

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Sarah Andrus said...

What BEAUTIFUL nieces and nephew I have! Love them and you two to pieces. Glad to know the kids loved the castle.

See you in February!