Monday, June 28, 2010

Star Wars Party

When my ideas of a Buzz and Woody party were foiled by Brady's love of everything Star Wars I had to go back to the drawing board to make his third birthday come to life. There was one requirement set forth by my "client", to make Star Wars Brady's reality. I knew this task would not be easy. I mean the kid sees Star Wars in constant replay in his mind and reenacts the movies on a daily basis. I know more about Star Wars than I ever imagined possible.

The Star Wars extravaganza is over and all we have is photos and memories. I want to share a few photos of Brady's favorite part: Darth Vader. I'll share more details later. All of the kids loved Darth Vader, even the girls were chasing him around with light sabers.

Having a heart to heart. Luke and Darth.

Darth was amazing! He was so hot I could see the sweat dripping from his mask. Not one moment did he complain, remove his mask or break character. He truly loves his job and it showed. Worth ever penny. It's amazing how much I stress about the little things. The whole day made this little guys dreams come true. I'll show more details soon about games, food, etc.

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