Monday, March 7, 2011

32 things you might not know about me...

1. My middle name is Rose (after my God mother) Anne (after my mom)
2. I was an only child and hatted it
3. I love things that come in 3's it's an OCD thing
4.  I constantly count and spell things over and over in my head
5. I was Miss Lakewood USA
6. I spent 2 1/2 years studying Criminal Justice and Psychology to become a Profiler for Serial Killers (my dream career) and no I am not a pro-filer now.
7. I was about to join the United States Air Force when I met Scott, and I chose Scott 
8. I competed in Miss California USA and placed in the top 12
9.  I love planning parties
10. I am very logical but also irrational
11. I lived in Paris, France as an exchange student only because my family said NO to the archeological dig in Africa
12. If my mom wasn't sick I would have NEVER come home from Paris....and she knows that.
13. I alphabatize my kid names(C,B,A) and I have 2 more ideas....just in case.
14.  I love mexican food, burritos to be exact
15.  I am a Christian ...a REAL Christian
16. I worked with kids with Autism for 5 years, in education for 10.
17.  I was in Jobs daughters and held the office of Grand Bethel Jr. Princess (look it up)
18.  I attempted modeling (a corrupt business) and was picked for a Colgate commercial when I was 17. 
19.  I love John Grisham books
20. I love photography
21. I use to listen to house music...and hung out with Mark Ferina
22.  Scott and I disagree about how to school our kids
23. I think a lot of TV is inappropriate
24. I only buy novels in hard back so they will line up nicely, but I can't stand to have them out
25. I color organize my clothes (as in ROYGBIV)
26. I won't wear socks if they get too dirty looking
27.I could eat chips and salsa everyday
28. I am VERY shy, Scott has brought out the talker in me
29. I worked for Davidson, CENDANT, and Sierra Software...bring it on War Craft nerds.
30. I learned to drive in a '67 Mustang
31. I have tried for years to be published in Creating Keepsakes magazine
32.  I give Scott a hard time A LOT, but I am beamingly ( I know, not a word! But still) proud of my husband the author, and sometimes jealous.

There you are 32 years, 32 things you may or may not know about me!!!!

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Heather Perkins said...

I loved reading these! Some I knew, most I didn't! Miss you, birthday girl.