Monday, April 4, 2011

Avery's 1st Birthday ....Finally

I have really wanted to do personalized birthday bibs, shirts or hats for awhile. I  just wanted to know that  I can. It was less fun that I thought but not as hard as I imagined.  I had intended to make the matching bib, just didn't get around to it with moving the same weekend as the party. 

Fondant owl toppers and paper cupcake toppers I created.  Love love love the fondant owls made by KidsCakes on etsy.

Avery dove right in to her mini cake.  She is the first of the kids to really attack their birthday cake.  Priceless.

I loved the way the old wooden shelf and my grandmas old lace tablecloth, the milk and cookies station was perfect.
The kids loved decorating their birdhouses.  They were so cute how much effort they put into them.


My baby and my love...I can't believe she is ONE.  Where does time go?

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Heather Perkins said...

Cute pictures!! Love the picture of Avery in her owl hat in the background!