Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 has been an amazingly busy year!  We have had Jr. Kings hockey tournaments, Tiny Star Dance Competitions, Preschool, Hollywood stardom in our children's eyes and 2 Small Business ventures (All City LAX and Nikki Rose Creations). We have settled into our home FINALLY and are busting at the seems. Look for some solutions to kids storage and home improvements in '14.  I'm getting antsy to re-decorate.

I have new products that I will be bringing to Nikki Rose Creation in 2014.  Look for more large stacked  spike hair bows, headbands, smaller hair pretties, & Bubblegum necklaces. I am trying to go hard and really make this venture work for my family. It is a struggling balance.

We have a new superhero in our home, and with 3 girls to protect....boys watch out for BATMAN!!!  Happy New YEAR!!!!

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